Quip for IT Operations

IT teams are the glue that hold businesses together. Quip is the knowledge management solution to help you do it. Structure a company wiki, build a self-service knowledge base, and onboard new hires simply and effectively.

Bring structure documents to life

Connect your entire business in one place to capture, share, and discuss knowledge. Quip’s living documents keep the often-stale company information – policies, procedures, helpdesk articles – fresh and available. Folders provide a simple and effective way to store and share work, while powerful search finds what you need at first request. Archival information is vital to providing context to all current and future employees.

Organize work in a wiki in Quip

Self-service is the best service

Centralize help desk documentation, like trouble shooting and how-to articles, and build a self-service knowledge base in Quip. Help your business find answers faster so they can get back to their jobs, and your team can focus on the hard stuff. The best service, is self-service.

Build a knowledge base in Quip

Show newbies a new kind of IT

Want to set your new hires up for success? Create a welcome document that highlights how to seek out and request IT support. Direct them to your company wiki, knowledge base articles, and other important systems. Give every employee one document where they can find answers, so you won't have to 'help' them later...over and over again.

Setup new hires in Quip

Manage one tool, not five

Give every team, project, or department its own folder and chat room to create, share, discuss, and store work. Quip’s super power is combining teams, content, and communication in a single, simple experience. Unite your team in Quip and manage one tool your company will love for all things collaboration.

Manage fewer tools

Keep your private parts private

Quip gives you control over your most important company data. Easily manage your team’s access, SSO, add and remove users, and disable accounts when employees leave the company. Quip’s development team is made up of engineers from Facebook and Google who have extensive experience running reliable, scalable web sites. You can read more about Quip’s security here: Security Overview & FAQ.

Secure knowledge sharing

Customize and enhance Quip

Quip is compatible with hundreds of programs, and also integrates with IFTTT and Zapier so you can connect Quip to the tools your organization already depends on. Integrate Quip with Github, Slack, PagerDuty, Stripe, Twitter, Zendesk, JIRA, and much more.

Intergrate tools with Quip

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How the Quip IT team uses Quip

Our IT team loves Quip because it keeps the business organized, aligned, and connected. Here's a few examples of documents you'll find in our wiki and knowledge base.

new relic
Quip is the default. You don't even think about it anymore. It's where you capture your thoughts, where you do your work and how we share things.
Lew Cirne

Chief Data Nerd at New Relic

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